The Occupational Qualification and Certification Centre Commercial Enterprise of the HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation (Acronym: HAK-IS MEYEB)

HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation (hereinafter HAK-IS) founded the Occupational Qualification and Certification Centre as a commercial enterprise on May 22nd, 2012, as an output of the VOC-TEST Centres Grant Programme which have been implemented in Turkey during the period of 21 March 2011 – 21 May 2013 within contribution of European Union.

Title of this company is “the Occupational Qualification and Certification Centre Commercial Enterprise of the HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation. And its acronym is HAK-IS MEYEB.

HAK-IS MEYEB was accredited by TÜRKAK (the Turkish Accreditation Institution) on February 25th, 2013 in compliance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17024:2012 Standards of general rules and conditions for certifying individuals. Then, it was authorised by the Turkish National Qualifications Authority (NQA/MYK) on May 17th, 2013 in accordance with the MYK Examination, Assessment, Evaluation and Certification Directive.

HAK-IS MEYEB conducts its examination, assessment, evaluation and certification activities impartially, objectively and independently. In addition, HAK-IS MEYEB is a fully competent centre in the fields of issuing documents, retention/continuation, renewal, extending or narrowing scope of the documents, suspending or withdrawing them.

In this direction, the power for taking any related measures and/or any resolutions concerning examination and certification processes belongs to HAK-IS MEYEB. It means that HAK-IS MEYEB is fundamentally responsible for all relevant processes and operations.Those resolutions are not ever subject to negotiate and transfer.

HAK-IS MEYEB is such an examination (test), assessment, evaluation and certification centre that is also an internationally qualified and competent enterprise to validate individual competences which are mentioned in the related national occupational qualification.

In general, test and certification mechanisms are one of vital necessities at national and global levels. This necessity should be postponed.

In this content, HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation has decided to found (establish) HAK-IS MEYEB in order to fulfill the need and to enable accessing qualified labour force through a fair, impartial, independent quality management system.

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